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What is Tailoor?

Tailoor is the partner that allows you to sell your customized products by integrating an innovative 3D configurator into your website or e-commerce platform. We help grow your business and boost sales through technology support, harnessing the capabilities of real-time 3D configuration.

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What is Tailoor?

Tailoor is a platform that leverages 3D technology and artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions for customization in the retail market.

It can be easily integrated into your website or e-commerce, regardless of the platform you use. In case you do not have an online storefront for your business yet, we will assist you in creating one.

Our goal is to help you ensure a unique and sustainable shopping experience for your customers, allowing them to customize your Made to Order and Made to Measure products online.

With the 3D configurator, your customers will have access to an experience that combines physical and virtual elements: even if they start their configuration online, they will always have the option to visit your store to finalize the purchase and examine the details together.

How does it work?

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    You will have the freedom to choose which product categories you want to make customizable for your customers. You can decide which elements will be customizable, from materials to designs, even down to the smallest details that make your products unique.

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    We will take care of digitizing your products, materials, and details in 3D. It will be much easier for your customers to access your entire catalog. Simplify their evaluation and selection process, encouraging the creation of thousands of different configurations.

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    With the support of the Dashboard, you can keep track of all orders placed, both online and in-store. Customer data is an incredible asset for your business. You can analyze it to create targeted offers and business strategies, reduce waste through more effective raw material sourcing, and identify sales trends.

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    The benefits you will gain are numerous: from significant time savings to the ability to optimize your sales strategies. You can increase your profits by offering your customers a unique shopping experience, thanks to the complete digitization of your business.

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How can I
integrate Tailoor?

Tailoor is an open API platform. This means that it can be easily integrated into any existing e-commerce seamlessly, fitting perfectly with what is already in place without requiring any manual intervention on your part. Alternatively, if you do not have an e-commerce yet, we will build it together. Don't worry – we will provide you with complete support for the integration process.

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What is Tailoor used for?

Tailoor is an on-demand SaaS platform that allows you to reach a broader audience by expanding your sales channels in an omnichannel perspective. With Tailoor's innovative 3D configurator, you can sell your products online and provide an immersive experience both in-store and online. Based on your needs, we will work together to build the most suitable offer for your requirements.

Why should I opt for this type of service?

The platform can be integrated into your website or e-commerce, offering an innovative system for personalization and customization. This enables you to scale your business and maximize sales, increasing the loyalty of existing customers and reaching new ones.

What is the cost of the platform?

Tailoor is a modulable SaaS platform with costs based on three components: set up, monthly fee, and order fee. Contact us, and we will identify the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

What is the benefit of having a 3D configurator?

Having a 3D configurator allows you to offer your customers a unique and immersive experience, bridging the gap between online and offline. Customers can customize products in real-time using our technology, faithfully highlighting all the strengths and details of your items. For each product category, Tailoor can drive traffic to your e-commerce and ensure an innovative experience, leading to increased orders from your customers.

What types of products can I customize?

With the end-to-end Tailoor platform, there are no limits to the product categories you can customize for your customers. Whatever your business, we will build the most appropriate and effective solution together with you!

How can I customize the platform?

The platform can be personalized according to your preferences in every aspect, starting from logos, fonts, colors, fabrics, and backgrounds. You can choose the product categories to include, define customization options, along with descriptions, model details, and checkout preferences.

How does Tailoor help me optimize and simplify my business?

Thanks to the Tailoor Dashboard, an integrated tool within the platform, you can easily monitor all orders and customer requests and schedule in-store appointments. The dashboard provides numerous benefits, allowing you to manage orders independently, send them directly to your suppliers, and oversee your stores and resources, including pricing, inventory, fabrics, and collections. With Tailoor, it is also easier to monitor customer buying behaviors through CRM and Business Intelligence.

How can I get more information?

We look forward to connecting with you! For more information, request your free demo through the dedicated form or contact us at [email protected].

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