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The evolution of online tailoring business: what to expect?

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How is the sartorial world evolving? What trends have we seen emerge in recent years and what should we expect from the future? Discover more about the evolution of online tailoring business with us!


Online tailoring: a winning duo


The biggest change the tailoring world has faced recently is undoubtedly the penetration of online. In fact, also abetted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the way of doing business, even in this sector, has undergone some interesting changes. The more traditional aspects of selling have shifted slightly, leaving more room for unique ways to innovate, facilitate and modernize the relationship between business realities and consumers.

Another aspect of fundamental importance is that which consists of the “renaissance” of tailoring, a phenomenon we have witnessed over the past few years. On the one hand, mass customization and fast fashion continue to have a significant impact on the fashion world. On the other hand, attention and care for details, fabrics and even the smallest details, have become elements of wide appeal to a large segment of consumers. In the spotlight, then, we have bespoke tailoring.

As of today, in fact, more and more people are interested in handmade garments. The “classic” way of dressing has found a new, enthusiastic audience among those who put quality first, understood as a synonym for elegance. Specifically, a quality that can withstand the most complex test of all: that of time.


The renaissance of tailor made


The return “in style” of tailor made approach can also be attributed, in large part, to a new way of approaching this sector, namely through online and digital tools. More and more people are deciding to take advantage of these innovative tools to experiment with new combinations and, ultimately, purchase the garments.

This is a direct result of the growing popularity of online shopping, just think of the size of the business. It is a market that, as of 2021, was estimated at $4296 billion, with a forecast around $8547 billion, by 2028. Thus, the amount of individuals who turn to the Internet to purchase their clothing is growing. Therefore, it is necessary to have one’s own structured online presence.

As of today, the online presence represents, by now, a minimum requirement necessary to be able to compete in an industry that is making digitalization its own pivotal element.


Protecting the sartorial tradition


Despite recent changes in the fashion industry, the essence of tailoring, along with the values it carries, such as tradition, high quality, care and customization, are not lost, but rather amplified. In essence, the tailor’s work remains unchanged. What is influenced are the now multiplied ways through which one can achieve one’s end result, e.g. the creation of a garment with high quality standards.

Online tailoring is a trend destined to grow, in parallel with the emergence of increasingly detailed ans specific requests from users and consumers. Now, more than ever, they wish to assert themselves through products that reflect their personality and style.

online tailoring

Another major trend contributing to this growth is an increasingly strong focus on sustainability. People, today, are fully aware of the impact that every action can generate on the environment, starting with the process of creating the products they buy. In the case of made-to-order solutions, which go hand in hand with the mission of the sartorial world, this principle is absolutely respected.

Once again, tailoring scores a point in its own favor, ranking as the most appropriate and respectful solution toward the need to reduce environmental impact through its frequent made-to-order solutions.


Online tailoring: the opportunities offered by 3D technology


In a world that is constantly evolving, it becomes essential to stay abreast of recent news and innovations, identifying the most appropriate solutions to help achieve business goals. How? On the one hand, by continuing to retain their existing customers and guaranteeing them a tailor-made shopping experience. On the other hand, by attracting the interest of new potential buyers through a unique, innovative and personalized offer.

For all players in the industry, facing these new trends allows them to keep optimizing their business, pushing themselves toward ever new goals and objectives. Among the main innovations to watch out for is 3D technology, such as that offered by Tailoor’s platform, which can faithfully represent, through accurate rendering, the garments in store.

In short, an interesting opportunity for all those realities that want to adopt a new and profitable perspective towards their business.

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